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Healthy Chocolates, Xylitol Sweetened, FAQ

Healthy Chocolates, Xylitol Sweetened, FAQ

All Natural Healthy Chocolate™ is made from the finest ingredients that are mostly organic. Healthy Chocolate™ contains no sugar, as sugar interferes with the sugar - insulin balance of the body. Healthy Chocolate™ contains a proprietary herbal formula, using an all-natural chocolate-based delivery system that also provides the positive effects that cocoa has on the body.

The Chococeutical way of life, Sugar Free - Guilt Free

Healthy Chocolate, produces just that — "healthy chocolate". I know what you are thinking — how is this possible? It took two very brilliant men, Dr. Aharon Friedman and the late William Coury, a very long time to create such a wonderful product. These two men found a way to incorporate natural herbs from all over the world into a great tasting chocolate.

An Overview of the Company and Its Products Healthy Chocolate Company is a specialty nutritional / functional food design, development, manufacturing, and marketing company. Our lead product is “Healthy Chocolate” which incorporates all the health benefits of dark chocolate along with xylitol and seven herbs to yield a unique, health-enhancing, blood-sugar regulating functional food supplement disguised as one of the world’s favorite treats.

Our Mission Statement is to improve the health of our customers by developing, making, and providing a variety of health-supporting, functional foods, disguised as treats, to people with various health challenges as well as to anyone choosing a healthy lifestyle. To utilize wholesome, natural, high-quality ingredients, and promoting business practices that respect the Earth and the Environment. To continually strive to find delicious, elegant, no-guilt product solutions for our customers by tapping into our wealth of creative, out-of-the-box, cutting-edge food & nutritional scientific, as well as our health-enhancement expertise The Purpose To make a positive difference in the quality of the lives of our customers by providing delicious, no-guilt, health-supporting products.

The Business Developing, manufacturing, and selling delicious, no-guilt, health-supporting products to consumers.

The Values We are keeping the big picture of health always in mind when developing, manufacturing, and marketing our products. That applies to the individuals who consume our products as well as to our employees, business accounts, and the planet as a whole. The Diabetic / Weight Loss / Sugar-Free Chocolate concept This concept has been growing at an exponential rate over the past several years for numerous reasons including: The number of diabetics continues to climb sharply. The number of people with weight problems / obesity continues to climb as well. These increases cross all barriers and impact old, young, rich, and poor. The increased burden on the US healthcare system is contributing to yet another major crisis. People are gradually becoming more health and weight conscious. Hey! No guilt after all!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Aharon Friedman - President Dr. Friedman is a veteran entrepreneur and scientist. He is a renowned Physicist who won numerous scientific awards. Dr. Friedman founded a large high tech company (Fortress Technologies), and has been on the Board of Directors of several high technology companies. For the last five years Dr. Friedman has been involved in the field of Nutrition and Alternative Medicine. Dr. Friedman is one of the inventors of Healthy Chocolate. He holds a Ph.D. Suma Cum Lauda from Tel Aviv University.

Our Products

Healthy Chocolate with Herbs (the original formula) This is our original formula which includes our proprietary formulation and process consisting of: organic cocoa, Xylitol (as the only sweetener), lecithin, vanilla, and our proprietary herbal blend designed to help stabilize blood sugar levels.

Healthy Chocolate without Herbs This is our original formula without the herbal ingredients. Even without the herbs, Healthy Chocolate still has significant beneficial effects on blood sugar simply due to the Xylitol.

BAKE WITH IT! Healthy Chocolate can be used in baking the same way any other chocolate is used. Yes, it can also be chopped up and used like chocolate chips.

Healthy Chocolate - Ingredients Our Ingredients

Explanation of Healthy Chocolate Ingredients Disclaimer: The materials in this document reflect only the opinion of the author, and thus they do not constitute a claim. For validating data one is encourage to seek resources that contain scientific information. One such online resource is Natural Standard. Food Ingredients

Organic Cocoa Liquor After the cocoa beans are fermented and roasted they are shelled and ground. The result of this is a dark aromatic liquid that becomes solid powder at room temperature. This substance is called “Cocoa Liquor.” It is worthwhile mentioning that it has no alcohol in it. Cocoa Liquor is the basic ingredient for all cocoa products, and is the substance from which Cocoa Butter and Cocoa Powder are derived. For the making of Healthy Chocolate we use Coca Liquor that was grown in Peru and processed in The Netherlands. By using this top quality ingredient we ensure that the Cocoa is pure and contains no contaminants. In addition, this coca does not contain unwanted volatile gases, thus it does not require high temperature processing, hence maintaining its anti oxidant and nutritional value at maximum. If you ever wandered about cocoa and caffeine this short article in our blog may shed some light.

Organic Cocoa Butter Cocoa Liquor contains 45% - 55% of fat. When pressed through a filter, this fat healthy polyunsaturated separates from the solids. The fat is called “Cocoa Butter” while the remaining solids become after processing cocoa powder. Our Cocoa Butter is not processed and not deodorized, thus maintaining its full nutrient value. Cocoa Butter provides high quality fatty acids that are essential when one is on a weight loss diet.

Xylitol A sugar alcohol Xylitol is the nearest in chemical composition to Glucose (Xylitol – C5H12O5; Glucose C6H12O6). It is a natural substance in the body. It appears in the form of white crystal very much like sugars. Unlike other sugar alcohols, Xylitol does not load the liver. Some of the benefits of Xylitol are its ability to retard tooth decay bacteria as well as flu and cold virus. It does not increase blood sugar levels. It can penetrate the cell membrane without needing the aid of insulin, and once inside the cell it is converted to glucose and used as an energy source. This is very important to people that suffer from insulin resistance such as Diabetics, Hypo-Glycemics, and Obese People. We use it in Healthy Chocolate as a bulking agent instead of sugar. Xylitol is what gives Healthy Chocolate its “Chocolaty” texture. The xylitol that we use is made in the USA from organically grown trees. Learn More

Organic Lecithin A greasy substance used in foods as an emulsifier, i.e. it allows oil to mix with water. In nature it is found in eggs, soy, mustard seeds, wheat, and other plants. Lecithin is an essential element of our food. It is known to help control cholesterol levels. We use lecithin derive from organic soy in Healthy Chocolate as a “final touch” to give it a smooth and uniform texture.

Natural Vanilla A flavoring agent (spice). - Bio Flavonoid - A strong anti oxidant that is used by the body to absorb Vitamin C.

Herbal Ingredients

Momordica Charantia Also known as “Bitter Melon.” This is the most important herb in Healthy Chocolate. There are many studies on the numerous benefits of this tropical herb. The Chinese pickle its fruit and have it with their meals. In china it has been used to treat diabetes for many generations. We use it in Healthy Chocolate for its ability to regulate blood sugar levels. Learn More

Noni Fruit An Indian fruit (Indian Mulberry) that is believed to have some medicinal qualities. It is definitely proven to be very high in nutrients and a strong anti oxidant. We found that Noni works very well with Momordica to enhance its effect. Learn More

Ellagic Acid Extracted from Pomegranates it is one of the best anti oxidants known to man. It gives Healthy Chocolate a fruity flavor, and helps extend its shelf life.

Green Tea Extract The benefits of green tea are well documented. With Cocoa it seems to enhance the appetite control capabilities of Cocoa. Learn More

Fabenol An extract from lentils believed to slow down the absorption of sugar into the blood stream.

Bioperin A black pepper extract. It enhances the absorption of nutrients in the body. Have you ever noticed how the smell and flavor of food intensifies when you put black pepper in it? Now you know why. Black Pepper enhances absorption of the food, thus increasing sensation. We use it in Healthy Chocolate to control appetite. Disclaimer: The material in this document reflect the opinion of the author, and thus they do not constitute a claim. For validating data one is encourage to seek resources that contain scientific information. One such resource is

Healthy Chocolate - Products

It’s not just a piece of chocolate!


Healthy Chocolate™ the first ever GUILT FREE chocolate - is a dynamic, rich, dark chocolate made with 67% organic cocoa and - for the first time ever - sweetened only with Xylitol! Xylitol (often incorporated in chewing gum) is a natural sweetener that is extracted from trees and berries. It does not increase insulin levels,, and is good for your teeth. While sugar may challenge the body, Xylitol works with the body’s natural chemistry to build immunity, protect against chronic degenerative disease, and provide anti-aging benefits. (1)

HEALTHY CHOCOLATE BENEFITS A rich, dark chocolate with 67% organic cocoa Rich in antioxidants and polyphenols Helps stabilize blood sugar Safe for diabetics and children Contains no sugar and no artificial sweeteners Helps retard bacteria that causes tooth decay and cavities Healthy Chocolate is more that just a tasty chocolate – it’s an important part of your daily diet. Healthy Chocolate will keep the hunger pains away and give your body an extra boost – just when you need it!

BODY BOOST Cocoa - Good for the heart, elevates dopamine Xylitol - Retards tooth decay bacteria, kills candida, provides energy Momordica - Helps control blood sugar levels Bioperin® - Helps block toxins, increases the absorption of nutrients Green Tea and Ellagic Acid - Strong antioxidants, provide anti-aging benefits Noni - An immune system modulator Fabenol® – Reduces sugar absorption in the intestines Healthy Chocolate can be enjoyed any time of day. To satisfy your taste buds and quench your hunger, follow these simple steps: Enjoy a piece of Healthy Chocolate Drink a full glass of water Do not eat anything for ten minutes Enjoy the BOOST! At Healthy Chocolate, LLC, we share your vision to improve the health of your patients / costumers. To learn more about Healthy Chocolate, please give us a call. We welcome your participation in our vision of Guilt Free Chocolate.

High Antioxidant With an ORAC* value of 6,805 ORAC units per one piece of Healthy Chocolate you get more than your daily need of antioxidants with only one piece.

*ORAC - Oxygen Radicals Absorbance Capacity

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